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The RTU Students Parliament (SP) is a friendly students-focused organisation rich in traditions and having a broad outlook on things not only at the University but also outside its walls.

SP is the oldest students’ self-government in Latvia including representatives of all the eight faculties of RTU – students who care about students. All in all, there are 45 SP parliamentarians, incl. the elected SP Board composed of 10 persons. SP represents students’ interests and is actively involved in tackling various students related issues at the RTU Senate.

Each university has its own face, and so does Riga Technical University. If you hear the laughter of a guitar, the soul-tearing voice of a violin or a vigorous pair of shoes starting a joyful dance somewhere in the corridors, halls or study rooms of our University, we can visualize that this face reshapes into an ingenuous smile. Finding an original artistic way to express oneself may bring genuine satisfaction to everyone. Therefore competent instructors and leaders of artistic groups of the Students Club and the Culture Centre enthusiastically work to help many RTU students on the road to the world of harmony and beauty.

The RTU Students Club (SC) was established in 1959. Its activities have made the cultural life (stable traditions, cultural projects and competitions) of RTU, Riga and Latvia more colorful and versatile. The goal of the SC has always been a high-class artistic implementation of any good idea, and this is usually done by drawing on the support of professionals and with a great sense of responsibility.

The most popular activities organized by the Students Club are the Freshmen initiation parties, parties to celebrate RTU and faculty anniversaries, state holidays and traditional seasonal celebrations, students’ excellence test «RTU Top», student contest «RTU Games for Men» («RTU Vīru spēles»), Latvian Students Theatre Days, the concert cycle «Women in Music», Latvian children’s and youth vocal competition «Putnu bērni» (Children of Birds), etc.

There are 10 amateur groups operating at RTU: the men’s choir «Gaudeamus», women’s choir «Delta», folk dance ensemble «Vektors» («Vector»), students brass band «SPO», vocal group «Putni» («Birds»), youth vocal group «Jauna nianse» («New Nuance»), men’s vocal group «Kubuss», vocal children’s and youth ensemble «Vecpilsētas dziedātāji» («Old Town Singers»), students drama group «Kamertonis», drama studio «Spēle» («Play»).

These amateur groups participate in competitions and festivals in Latvia and abroad with their original sets, and actively participate in various concerts.

Students and people interested are offered an opportunity to participate in a number of interest clubs: the psychology club «The Search Laboratory», the Line Dance Club,  the Ballroom Dance Studio, the Riga Dance Club, the interest club «Malacis» for children and young people, as well as the Travellers Club. These interest clubs are regularly organizing seminars, lectures, exhibitions, visits, master classes and summer camps.

Students can do practically everything and it is difficult to imagine their life without songs, dances and other artistic amateur undertakings. RTU can be rightfully proud of its amateur groups. At the same time, actively participating in cultural events and performing equally well in engineering sciences is not an easy task, since one must exert some effort to get the water from the well. It is the desire for constant perfection that helps our students to successfully perform in their academic work and also fulfill their artistic aspirations. 

«Citius, altius, fortius!» – this Olympic slogan defines the sporting spirit at Riga Technical University. RTU has long-standing sports traditions and can be rightfully proud of the achievements of its athletes – former and present students of RTU.

Not only the students and administration but also the academic staff and technical personnel are very active participants of various sports events organized by the university –Sports Days, the RTU Rector’s Cup (including 14 sports events), as well as the Sport Games of Baltic Technical Universities.

By propagating sports activities among students, the RTU Sports Club and the Chair of Sport promotes the development of youth sport in Latvia and the involvement of students in different sports activities and exciting sport classes, motivating them to maintain and develop a good physical and mental condition, as well as to be capable to achieve good results in sport competitions. Mens sana in corpore sano!

Students may choose the sport disciplines most suitable to their liking and ability. There are 22 different sport disciplines offered to RTU students: basketball, volleyball, floor ball, track-and-field athletics, judo, football, weightlifting, Greco-Roman wrestling, table tennis, badminton, swimming, skiing, boxing, handball, aesthetic gymnastics, orienteering, freestyle wrestling, tennis, Frisbee and aerobics.

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