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The Students' Club of the Latvia University of Agriculture in cooperation with the Students' Self-Government of the Latvia University of Agriculture, the leaders and participants of the amateur art groups actively form the cultural environment of the University. Common work is crowned with success, and it is approved by special traditions of the University that are alive for decades and dear for all the students.

Christmas Ball at the Palace

Every year the hall of Latvia University of Agriculture opens its doors for celebratory ball, which unites the university students, graduates, members of the teaching staff, student fraternities and guests from all over Latvia. In the prestigious ball at the Jelgava Palace the present and the past meet ceremonially and with respect, and the guests of the ball are surrounded by candlelight and mysterious romance become courtiers and wonderfully radiant princesses and elegant princes.Around a thousand guests have an opportunity to enjoy the magical night of the ball.

St. Valentines Night Ball at the Palace

Exciting dance music, original attractions and a variety of the situation games - unselfish monks, marriage Caribbean style, a Bohemian "flower children" room, a confessional, a love luck bank and many other interesting foolish amusements are available for the guests of the ball. Approximately 700 students attend this event every year. 


Every academic year starts with the University tradition of a special significance - matriculation, when the first-year students ceremonially join the big community of the University students. In the courtyard of the Palace the youth honours their Alma Mater, testifying that knowledge is the biggest value for the human being. International students' anthem "Gaudeamus" is performed, thus symbolically marking the start of the full-fledged students' life in Jelgava. On this day students plant a new tree in the park laying also a message inserted in a capsule for future generations. Already 38 trees expand branches in the park of the Palace, reminding students that knowledge roots grow deeper and stronger year by year. 

Azemitologs' Festival

Azemitologs - a science man and a symbol of all the professions represented at the University. The festival is celebrated in the Jelgava Palace courtyard, where the first-year students express their patriotism, pride and joy for belonging to their Alma Mater. It is the Festival for students, celebration of the students' unity, wisdom and wit.

On October 1, students of nine faculties of the Latvia University of Agriculture, even more vivid than the autumn colours, fill up the courtyard of the Jelgava Palace with satisfaction and joy for joining the students' community of the third biggest University - more than thousand full-time students of basic study programmes and approximately the same number of their supporters. 

Students' Folklore Festival

The stage and spotlights invite talented and self-confident young people who perform music, sing and read their own poetry, thus entertaining the public and also receiving due recognition for their multi-faceted creative talents.

The main and the central character of the Students' Folklore Festival is the student - every student, who wants to show others his/her musical skills, poetic talent or just simply participate at fun and joy of the event. Music performed within the Festival differs, starting from romantic ballads to alternative rock.

The students who love music and poetry from the Latvia University of Agriculture and also other universities are in the audience. The event unites the students in the spirit of fun and appreciation and recognition of true talent.

In 2008 there were 120 participants in the Students' Folklore Festival. They formed themselves into 25 creative groups. More than 500 spectators and supporters enjoyed their performances.

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