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ViA has its own Student Union. Its role is to act as a mediator for students having any problems with their studies, lecturers or with administration. The Student Union also plans and organises different sports and cultural activities for ViA students. The biggest events include sports days, a gala party on the university’s birthday to a winter carnival and a Valentine Day’s party, as well as various seminars and projects in cooperation with other universities. The  Student Union actively participates in various competitions related to promoting a green and environmentally friendly lifestyle in the university.

Student Union is ran and coordinated by a president democratically elected by the students for a year-long term. Several students are appointed specific roles, like managing social issues, sports, communication, to form a Union committee. Besides that, Union members organise interesting activities in their spare time, thus gaining even more valuable experience during their time here.
The Student Union meet weekly for meetings. The meetings are open for anybody interested in daily life and work to hear and comment on the Union’s proposals.

University Sport

Students are an active part of the community, and sports is an inseparable part of students daily life. That is why the Student Union provides different sports activities of students of Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences.

All the students have an opportunity to do team sports - volleyball, basketball and frisbee, thus developing their previously acquired skills or simply relaxing with other students. ViA students may also go in for table tennis, chess, draughts, novus (a specific variety of snooker) or sole (a Latvian card game) or other indoor sports, the facilities for which can be borrowed in the student hostel. In case someone would like to swim, it is available in Valmiera Pargauja Gymnasium swimming pool (for a charge), open daily.

Student teams representing ViA regularly participate in national competitions and championships - joint sport events of Latvian universities and winter and summer sports events.

As a ViA tradition, every year on September 27 (ViA birthday) there is a Sports Day when students compete among themselves playing different sports and games and doing other outdoor activities.

Choir ‘Skan'

Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences and Valmiera Culture Centre choir ‘Skan' is open to all students who enjoy singing both classical and contemporary music, want to meet new friends and perform in various cultural events and concerts. The choir also participates in the biggest choir music event in Latvia - The Song and Dance Festival. The choir repertoire is versatile and interesting, with regular concert life and different musical activities. The conductor Irena Zelča always finds an original approach to the choir's daily life, so the rehearsal routine is not boring, and students sing with pleasure.

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in Valmiera

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) is an inter-confessional organisation. It has its national movements in more than 150 countries all around the world and also in Latvia.

The main aim of IFES is to help and encourage students to think about their lives and beliefs, the existence of God and Jesus Christ. The motto of IFES is ‘changing the world - one student at a time'.

In Valmiera students come together once a week in small groups to study the Bible and share their views on life. Once a month there are events about topical issues organised for wider public where pastors and other Christians are invited to share their opinions and ideas. IFES also organises camps on popular student issues several times a year which take place in different places in Latvia.

Debate Club

Debate Club is actively functioning in ViA for several years, having different informal activities; it was the ViA students who were the first among other universities not to reconcile with the total lack of public speaking and argumentation activities and their form of expression - debate. Thus, being frustrated with the existing situation, ViA students started to popularise debate culture by organising debate competitions in cooperation with Ventspils University College, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, University of Latvia, Banking Institution of Higher Education,and other Latvian universities.

ViA debate movement organises informal activities and for several years has had good achievements in Latvian inter-university parliamentary debate championships. Usually the parliamentary debate championship is run in 3 rounds, and traditionally the third round or the finals take place at Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences. However, up to now there were no regular training, but starting from September 2007 the debate club is meeting weekly on Thursday evenings in the premises of the university to have debate training on interesting issues. A special attraction is a traditional event - ViA benchmark debate where both students and lecturers participate.

University Drama Society ‘ViaGars'

You are not able to become a professional architect, ironmaster, kinesiologist, barman, cardinal, necromancer, fitness coach, hydraulic engineer, flutist, judge, linguist, Egyptologist, herbalist, bioengineer, film director, radiologist, sculptor, test pilot, ufologist, veterinarian, weatherman, yoga teacher, ophthalmologist, philologist, nurse, marine or police officer in this university. There are simply no departments where to learn all that. BUT there is a place where you can be whoever you want, whenever you want - the university's drama society „Viagars". Theatre is the right place where to improvise, be positive, optimistic, feel free and experience a wide range of emotions.

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