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Mission of CIU, besides the intense curriculum, is to protect the students’ physical and mental health, to appraise their free time according to their interests and provide possibility to expand these interests. CIU target is to provide facilities for its students to improve their physical abilities, social life and personalities; to educate students as individuals who are careful for their mental and physical health, to work together regularly and in a well-disciplined fashion.

CIU Sport Coordinator was set up in the aim of processing all offered sport activities within university. Preparing an environment where students can practice healthy living habits and enriched campus life help students to enjoy their free time while staying healthy.

Sport Coordinator focuses on 3 main activities:

Provide the chance to represent the university in inter-university tournaments after training professionals and semi-professionals students in the branches they are interested in during the term, and progressively improve the sport life of students while doing so.

To tempt the students who are not dealing with any branch of sports by opening new courses according to their potential interests.

Organizing trekking, camping, excursions, tournaments and competitions to leisure students’ free time.

CIU ARENA, founded in 20 July 2010, is the first and biggest integrated sport complex in TRNC. It has 7500m2 of closed area and 15.000m2 of open area. There are two astro turfs, two basketball courts, two volleyball courts, two tennis courts, a beach handball court, a beach volley court and a beach football court in the open air space of the complex. In addition to this, there is a fitness centre, an indoor sports hall, a covered semi-olympic swimming pool, ping pong tables, an aerobics saloon, a climbing wall, a shooting range and squash saloon in the closed space of the CIU ARENA. Our target is to provide students with contemporary sport education in modern facilities with the help of well-informed trainers.


  • Astro turf
  • Tennis court
  •  Beach volley
  •  Beach football
  •  Beach handball
  •  Basketball area
  •  Volleyball area
  • Basketball Stadium (Sports Hall)
  • Studio
  • Table Tennis
  • Shooting Range
  • Fitness Saloon
  • Squash Saloon
  •  Climbing Wall
  • Indoor sport centre
  • Covered swimming Pool

 The indoor sports hall, whose quality is above the EU standards, is founded with the aim of providing an opportunity to the sport lovers to do their activities professionally. The special parquet, used in the ground, prevents any disabilities that a sportsman may have.

The climbing wall, located inside CIU ARENA, was designed to respond to the needs of those students who practice mountaineering climbing, and it is at the disposal of all those who would like to feel an adrenaline rush while practicing sports.

The Fitness Centre located in CIU ARENA boasts of, cutting-edge, fully-equipped fitness and cardio equipment within 780 square meters of indoor space.

You can reach a top-notch state of fitness with our expert trainers, nutritionists, and individualised, highly motivating work-out programs.

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