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Student council

Students Council is a structural unit that represents students – it takes care of students’ well-being, bloom of their social life and representation of students in various commissions, organizations and institutions, for example, in senate and faculty boards of the VUC, the Student Union of Latvia and Ventspils City Council. In addition to representation of students and protection of their rights within the university college and outside it, the Students Council organizes various cultural and educational events, arranges a questionnaire on study quality, as well as supports and tries to implement projects and ideas provided by students.

The structure of the VUC Students Council is the following: Chairperson of the Students Council, his/her deputy and four commissions: culture and sports commission, public relations commission, social affairs commission and study and science commission.

Every year there are elections held in which representatives of students’ interests are being officially elected, however it does not mean that other activists cannot take part in the Students Council. Every year, including this, there are several more people who help to organize a particular event or take up themselves a particular responsibilities within the Students Council. According to statutes the elections of the VUC Students Council has to take place till May 1 though usually they take place during the period of time from the end of February till the beginning of March.

Сultural life


Two times a year – at Christmas and Easter – balls with live music and evening dresses are organized in Ventspils University College and they are the most attended events – not only students attend them but also their friends and graduates.
In 2006 the Christmas ball for the first time was opened by an impressive event “VUC Award of the Year” that has become a tradition – at the end of every year there are awards given in the following nominations: Student of the Year, Lecturer of the Year, Event of the Year, Student – Merrymaker, Mess of the Year and Freshman of the Year. All students, employees and administration of the university college are welcomed to attend the awarding ceremony that takes place just before the ball in order to follow the ceremony and enjoy students’ performances – vocal, dance and theatre sports. After the ceremony everyone is invited to the ball during which there is live music, dances and various activities are being organized. Also at Easter every year there is a ball with refreshments and live music to enjoy the feeling of upcoming holidays.


More often than balls, approximately once a month, the Students Council organizes various thematic parties that usually take place in the KISS Club. During the autumn semester these are the 1st September Party for first year students to get to know each other, Freshmen Party, Halloween Party and other. During the spring semester there are Valentine’s Day Party, Mafia Party, and Fun Sports Games after-party.

Creative society

Photo club

Photo club of Ventspils University College (VUC) founded in 2002 by Andris Rebhūns, welcomes every student, who is interested in photography. Club members acquire the basics of photo techniques and photography skills. Preliminary knowledge is not necessary, because part of participants acquire art of photography from the very basics.

Student photo club meets once a week at VUC. Most successful participants contribute in various photography exhibitions at VUC, in Ventspils and Latvia. Everyone is welcome to participate and become a club member, and to show photos for the public at large.

Choir "Ventus"

Choir “Ventus” (from Latin “wind”) is mixed choir of Ventspils University College every year welcomes every student at VUC who wants to sing. There is a constant turnover of singers each year as places of graduates are taken by new singers. The biggest event for students' choir is participation in Baltic students' song and dance festival “Gaudeamus” (previous was in Vilnius in 2011). In Latvia every year choirs participate in choir parades (competition), so far VUC choir has shown great results. VUC choir is happy for every opportunity to promote themselves, thus friendship concerts where two or more choirs perform together are organised in order to achieve new experience.

Youth choir

The idea about choir’s establishment arose and successfully came into effect in March 2003. Student desire for singing and enthusiasm of its manager Angelika Jansone-Grīnberga are the basis of the choir’s foundation and development.
The choir takes part not only in city choir parades, but also delights listeners in singing at various events. Thanks to the varied repertoire, and also to song performance in both Latvian, and English languages, the choir is often asked to perform in different events, including friendship concerts.

Debate club

Debate club has been a part of our University College for several years now. Attending debates gives students the chance to overcome fear from speaking in front of the public, helps to improve performing skills, ability to give fast analysis and teaches how to achieve successful teamwork. All kinds of topics are discussed in the club. Ventspils Debate club encourages you, learns how to express your opinion, how to feel at ease while speaking in front of the public, and how to convince others.

During debates you will visit Latvia and foreign countries with us!

We are serious about the unserious and unserious about the serious.

Youth folk dance group „Strautuguns”

Having the desire to dance and to represent their University College, and with the support of Ventspils City Council, on January 5, 2011, several young people came together in a common dance to prove the need for foundation of a student dance group. With mixed feelings of determination and certain lack of conviction the dancers started their first dance rehersals in the hospitable rooms of Ventspils Creativity House. Knowing nothing more but the name of the new manager, the dancers decided to trust her in order to achieve the target set – have a good time, develop themselves and show that Latvian folk dance is not just a long-forgotten tradition.

This time, the popular Russian taken over by Latvians "who does not risk, does not drink champagne" was justified because under the guidance of enthusiastic manager Ineta Judzika dancers were inspired and motivated to achieve good results in the popular folk dance parade.

With the same enthusiasm they had in their first day, “Strautuguns” (from Latvian “Fire in the Stream” creating the image of a fire in the middle of a river stream) dancers hope to Continue their activities for many seasons, represent the University College and Ventspils in both Latvia and abroad, and, most importantly, preserve the culture of Latvian folk dance.

Student Christian Fraternity

On the September 11, 2001, Ventspils University College students joined the Latvian Student Christian Fraternity (SCF). SCF are students – prospective business experts, translators and interpreters, IT specialists, teachers, entrepreneurs, managers, and others. Each student, regardless of beliefs and background, wanting to know more about the Christian faith, to spend good and meaningful time, make new friends, or just to see what is really is going on may join SCF. SCF exists, so that every student could learn and understand what God is, what He has done and what He can do to everyone's life, in this way students-believers could support one another, encourage and learn together during their studies at VUC. We organize lectures on topical issues, camps, Bible studies, movie nights, board game nights.






Ventspils University College is known as one of the sportiest higher educational institutions in Latvia. Despite the comparatively small number of students there is a huge cabinet cram-full with cups in the students’ lounge where one can find trophies both from local and state level competitions.

Due to the support provided by Ventspils City Council students have an opportunity to do sports free of charge in training bases of Ventspils Olympic Centre. It is done according to a particular schedule in various types of sports – swimming, hockey, skating, indoor football, basketball, volleyball, and floor-ball.

Sport events

Every year during the autumn semester university college level volleyball championship takes place in Ventspils University College, as well as there has been developed a new man team that with good results represents Ventspils University College also in tournaments of broader scale. The autumn semester also does not do without swimming competition and tournaments of Latvian national trick-taking cooperative card game (called zole) and novuss.

The second semester of the study year is even more saturated with sport events in which every student can take part. During the spring semester for the period of several months the indoor football tournament is held, as well as tournaments of zole and novuss, “Basketball Hullabaloo”, relay of faculties, beach volleyball tournament and the Fun Sports Games take place. Every year just before spring exam session a boat row for leisure is organized.

Every student is welcomed to take part in competitions because the main thing is not to win but to participate and have a good time! But it does not mean that sport events of the VUC lack adrenalin and spirit of fight characteristic to sports games – we have it over and above!

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