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Student Organizations

The student does not learn all the time – especially here, in Krakow. Everybody can find something for themselves in their free time – numerous organizations existing at the university give the student a chance to develop their interests. You can choose from artistic ensembles (The Students’ Orchestra), traditional forms of recreation (walking, cycling) or more sophisticated way of spending free time (climbing, diving, speleology, sailing).

Students’ Organization Board represent all students of AGH UST. The Board organizes numerous trips, parties, occasional meetings and the most important students’ event in Krakow – Juwenalia.

Students can develop their scientific interests through Special Interest Groups. There are about 90 of them. Students’ Organizations operating at the AGH University of Science and Technology: AGH UST Speleology Club, “Krab” Academic Diving Club, “Bystrze” Academic Canoe Touring Club, “Sakw’a” AGH UST Academic Mountaineering Section, AGH UST Academic Sports Union, AZS AGH UST “Wisła Kraków”, “Krakus” Song and Dance Ensemble, AGH UST Modern Ballet Group, IAESTE, EESTEC LC Kraków, “Hawiarska Koliba” AGH UST Mountain Walking Club, AGH UST Kraków Yacht Club, Independent Students’ Association, “Beczka” Academic Association, BEST Kraków” Students’ Association, AGH UST Student Dance Club, Students’ Special Interest Groups, Special Interest Groups of the Mining Section, Special Interest Groups of the Metallurgical Section, Student Scientifi c Society, “Strefa WMS” Service of Students of AGH UST Faculty of Applied Mathematics, “Sokół” Gymnastics Society, AGH UST Group, Men’s Volleyball Section of AGH UST Academic Sports Union, University Board of Student Council, AGH UST Polish Students’ Association, AGH UST Association of Students with Disabilities, AGH UST Academic Circle of Polish Red Cross and Club of Honorary Blood Donors.

Sports and leisure

Student cannot live by education alone – especially a student at AGH UST and especially in Krakow. Intellectual development is followed by cultural and sports development. Many organizations operating at AGH UST provide students with an opportunity to develop their interests and discover new ones as well. Opportunities are numerous indeed, starting with artistic groups (an excellent example here is the Student Representative Orchestra of AGH UST), through typical forms of recreation (hiking and cycling), to finish with some specialist ones (mountaineering, diving, speleology and sailing clubs.) All University students are represented by the AGH UST Students’ Board, which deals w ith social, living, cultural and sports issues, as well as organises faculty excursions and balls, Miner’s Day and Ironfounder’s Day meetings, as well as – probably the most popular among students – the Juvenalia Krakow Students’ Festival.

The development of sports base is one of University’s priorities. The University has a modernised sports complex with a set of courts (volleyball, basketball, badminton) and sports rooms (aerobics, table tennis.) Students accommodated at the University campus have at their disposal football pitches, tennis courts, and basketball and volleyball courts. University is currently building its own swimming pool. AGH UST Academic Sports Union Club with its 23 sections is the largest sports club in Krakow academic circles, and one of the largest sports clubs in Poland.

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