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The Medical University of Lodz was inaugurated on October 1, 2002 as a merger of two Medical Schools: the Medical Academy of Lodz and the Military Medical Academy of Lodz by the Act of the Polish Parliament of July 27, 2002.

It was founded on January 1,1950 by separating from the University of Lodz three faculties: Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical.

The Medical University of Lodz is one of the leading medical research centers in Poland. In one academic year over a hundred research grants are awarded, as well as numerous research contracts. At present over 300 individual research projects are being conducted, of which over 100 are new ones and more than 200 are continued.

The International Research Programmes team collaborates with MUL researchers, local enterprises and any international units and organisations that are interested in research cooperation, with special regard to the EU 7. Framework and Public Health Programmes. As of December 2011, MUL research teams have participated in 26 projects co-financed by the European Commission, with 13 ongoing projects and 1 project currently in the stage of negotiations. At present, MUL is coordinating one Cooperation Project: Ascertaining Barriers for Compliance: policies for safe, effective and cost-effective use of medicines in Europe (ABC).

The Medical University of Lodz has been carrying an extensive international scientific cooperation with such foreign academic and research centers as:

  • MD Anderson Cancer Center (MDACC), USA;
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering CNR, Italy; 
  • Universite de Geneve, Switzerland; 
  • Academic Medical Center by the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 
  • King’s College London, United Kingdom;
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB).

Within this co-operation over 500 short official visits of research and teaching staff to 46 universities took place, 22 staff members received foreign scholarships and 49 foreign scientists representing leading European and world-famous teaching and research centers were invited to our University. Furthermore, the majority of University chairs, clinics and departments directly co-operate with foreign centers through staff exchange programs (workshops).

At present, the Medical University has over 1600 hospital beds in five Teaching Hospitals that provide medical services for patients, being the essential base for research work and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching. Moreover, 34 hospital wards and departments with almost 1200 beds localized in non-University municipal hospitals are used by the Medical University.The University Teaching Hospitals and University-affiliated departments constitute a basic source for highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services provided by more than 1250 medical professionals including 750 specialists with professors and associate professors who take care of health needs of the Lodz region community and promote health-related programs.

Each year, more than 55 000 patients are hospitalized in our hospital departments, and over 50 000 patients in university-affiliated wards.High level of diagnostic and treatment services rendered by Medical University hospitals is reflected by its position in the most popular hospital ranking. In the nationwide classification, our 36 hospital departments ranked among the top ten in their specialties.

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